Bestselling Fitness DVDs- Rapid Results Workouts Available Online

Follow along as Mark guides you through his total-body workouts that simultaneously build strength and endurance, getting you the best possible results in the least amount of time.

  1. You Are Your Own Gym
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    You Are Your Own Gym


    Lose the Most FAT. Gain the Most STRENGTH.
    No Gym. No Equipment. 9 Quick Workouts for All Fitness Levels.

    Based on the international bestselling book YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM;
    The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

    Using nothing but your own body, a bit of floor space, and bodyweight
    exercises that engage many muscles at once, elite US Special Operations
    trainer Mark Lauren, has created incredibly convenient and effective
    workouts that simultaneously build strength and endurance while burning fat
    long after their completion.

    This 3 DVD program progresses through three levels of difficulty- Novice,
    Intermediate, and Advanced- with three total-body workouts each. Making use of
    systematic changes in training intensity and volume, these workouts will
    keep you challenged at just the right level, ensuring you the best body of
    your life, injury-free.

    Stop wasting time and money on inferior methods of training. They are all
    poor substitutes for the world’s most advanced fitness machine: Your own

    A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Special Operations Warrior

  2. EFX: Postural Bodyweight Training
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    EFX: Postural Bodyweight Training

    60-Day Total Body Transformation!

    Builds incredible strength. Melts fat.

    Developed by elite Special Operations trainer and bestselling author of You Are Your Own Gym, these workouts develop peak fitness by improving postural habits that will transfer to all areas of your life. By focusing on proper joint alignment, these cutting-edge workouts allow you to develop a high performance body, while preventing the many ailments of today's sedentary life.

    This 3-Disk Set Contains:

    Warm-up: Prepare yourself for the main body of the workout with dynamic movements that increase your body’s temperature and flexibility. (5 Min.)

    3 Workouts: Mark leads you rep-for-rep through 9 complexes that use 27 postural bodyweight exercises to develop elite strength, stability, and stamina. (30 - 35 Min.)

    Cool-down: End the workout by calming your nerves and clearing built-up lactic acid while further improving flexibility with passive and isometric stretches. (10 Min.)