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See what Mark Lauren's fans are saying.

“ Everyone marvels at my body’s changes- nearly 50 pounds lighter and a six pack! No driving to the gym or gimmick diets, just focused workouts I can do anywhere and balanced nutrition. Its simplicity is genius, yet intelligently put together. This program is as close to a golden ticket to fitness as you can get. - Brandon Frame ”
- Brandon Frame
“ I am down about 25 pounds since my baby was born, and now I have friends that want me to teach them how to workout at home! Onward and upward! ”
- Kelly P.
“ I waited to write this review until I had used the book Body by You for a couple of months. Now I can say unreservedly that the program really works. I have lost clothing sizes, so I know this works. And one more thing -- I'm over 50. So don't think that your age will keep you from getting fit. ”
- B. McEwan
“ After just two weeks I caught several younger men checking out my ass! That hasn't happened in forever at my ripe old age of 48. ”
- Darlene
“ This book IS all you need if you can't afford a gym membership and want better, faster results. ”
- Brian G.
“ This is a life changer. LOVE IT. These workouts are so quick and I can do them anywhere. Best of all, my back aches are completely gone and I'm 15 pounds lighter. ”
- Mary B.
“ Excellent book. I borrowed this from the library and I like it so much that I bought the book. I also bought the app and DVD. The app makes using the book's program a synch, and the DVD is great when I need a little extra motivation from Mark. ”
- Freddy
“ I bought Body By You when it first came out Jan 2013 and have been using the program ever since. YAYOG was too hard for me. This is a perfect fit. Challenging but not unattainable. I have recommended this book to lots of people, and I will continue to do so. I've seen great improvement. In addition to building muscle, my balance and my posture have improved. I'm losing weight and gaining strength. I love that I can workout almost anywhere [I worked out in our hotel room while we were on vacation], and I don't need weights or videos or a gym. And best of all, all my excuses for not working out are gone. ”
- Krommama
“ There are some really advanced moves in the book Body By You that I thought I'd never be able to do, but the way he works you up to them makes it possible. I've already recommended this book to my family and friends. ”
- Sydney
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