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Slow is Smooth; Smooth is Fast

Why faster is better, unless you’re not relaxed.

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Mind your food chain- you are what you eat; you are what your food eats! Locally grown and raised is often cheapest and healthiest.

It’s true, “you are what you eat”, and that logic applies to the entire food chain. One very important and often overlooked factor of our wellbeing is the health of the plants and animals we consume. It’s important to consider the methods used to grow or raise our food and also the process used to […]

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Simple Meal Planner

I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded to simplify your meal planning. After downloading the Simple Meal Planner, all you need to do is select your meals from the blog (or use your own), and plug in the name and calories for each meal, for each day of the week. Your total daily […]

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