Plank Challenge

How long can you hold a plank? Do any variation. Post your time below. Ready? Begin!

Starting Position (on forearms)

Lie Down on your stomach then prop yourself up on your elbows, bent at 90 degrees, shoulder-width apart, so that your forearms are on the ground.

Step 1

Hold this position. Keep your back straight with belly sucked in.

  • cmh

    4:02 (4:02:42 to be honest, but – who counts :-)
    Then my muscles got a little shakie…

    • Mark Lauren


  • m.s. jackson

    Sadly I topped out at only 1:27. Just started the first 10 week program so I am hoping this increases with time!

  • MGS

    Could hold the plank 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

  • torstenleibrich

    I’d love to see the challenges being pushed to the app. There it is a lot more accessible then having to go to your website.
    Maybe having the option to get informed via push notification as a motivation booster.
    That way you’ll get a much higher user base for these challenges.


    • cmh

      appreciate that too!

  • elMasChingon

    hey yall. i recently managed to hold the static pushup for 3 minutes. since its a precondition for the master programm… kindof feels better havin’ one leg crossed over the other and switch lyk every minute.

    greeting from nuernberg, germany

  • Andreas

    Hi, I could hold for 7:29, but done after a workout, so maybe can be more.

  • Madhuvidya Agnima

    Does the length of time tell us anything specific? How can we use the time to evaluate our strength or health?

  • J├╝rgen Alphonsus

    Hi, I could hold the static push up position for 7 minutes.
    Question: what is harder, the static push up position or the plank? And why?

  • wylicil

    Plank: 1:11 min

  • Maureen Mulligan

    Dang I thought my 3 min after a two hour grueling workout was good!

  • Darin Rohatinsky

    Can someone help me know how many calories I burn in the first class workout routine from the YAYOG book and app I bought?

  • Tamara Heintz

    2:02 min.! That’s improvable i think!

  • Stefan Lichtenstrasser

    6:02 MIN – BURNIN’ ABS ;-)

  • John Robbie Ogilvie

    only 3min holding the same plank after efx workout 3 could go longer if we could do plank variations

  • Kjell

    06:10 = The noise must be strange for my neighbours – after EFX 1 (Excuse my terrible Germanenglisch)

  • Xavier Xocolatl

    shit– only 2 minutes… thats hard