Tabata Squat Challenge

What is Tabatas?

Eight 20-second rounds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 4 minutes. This is a high-intensity training. Exercises done for Tabatas should be executed as quickly as possible. Keep rest time to a minimum if failure is reached during a 20-second work period.

Here’s your challenge…What is the highest number of squats you can achieve during any of your eight sets?

  • jack gentry

    Mark you are the man! Your book is awesome you’ve opened my eyes to body weight exercise. Thnx ..

    • Mark Lauren


  • Prinz Polo

    Hello Mister Lauren,

    I was working with your yayog book (german edition). After I finished the ChiefClass, I started with your yayog DVD.

    I was wondering if you could please write something about how Tabatas are done. Like the 4 exercises in a row. Exercise #1 for 20 sec. , 10 sec. rest, exercise #2 for 20 sec. 10 sec. rest., exercise #3 20sec. work, 10 sec. rest and exercise #4 20 sec work and 10 sec. rest. That set goes all the way until 8 minutes are completed.
    That would help a lot.

    In case I miss understood something, I am very sorry and please accept my apologies.


    Jan Roy

  • chrisdavisjr

    15 maximum, 13 minimum.

    Great challenge!

  • Cal Dephouse

    Mark – We are doing YAYOG at work during the lunch hour, with several of our military members participating too. Great program!!! I started doing Mobility RX on the weekends as well and have seen tremendous improvements. Keep up the great work!!!