8-count Bodybuilders Challenge

How long does it take you to complete 50 8-count Bodybuilders?

Post your time below.

your body

total body pecs, abs


Starting Position
Starting from a standing position.

Step 1
Place your hands on the ground.

Step 2
Kick both your feet out so that you land in a Push-up starting position.

Step 3
Perform a Push-up.

Step 4
Kick your feet apart.

Step 5
Bring them together.

Step 6
Jump both feet, simultaneously, to your hands.

Step 7
Stand up.

  • cmh

    4min51sec…. (two 5 seconds breaks I admit ;-)

    @Mark –
    I´m using your app for 3 years now and its great.
    I´ve finished chief class for a couple of times (not doing all exercises perfect like handstand without wall).
    But its gettind kind of boring and I´m not good in making my own workout.

    So I´d like to know if there will be an update, like some new or mixed exercises?

    Best regards


  • braindrain

    Oh these are called bodybuilders… I call them burpees, and do a jump instead of just standing up… Great total body exercise, but since my arms are weaker, I’m feeling it stronger there… But compound exercises definitely better to sculpt any body part than isolation ones… very well explained here: http://watchfit.com/exercise/arm-workout-for-mass/

  • Kai Rieck

    I bought your book, your e-book and now the last years I used your app. I have have to say thank you for 6 years great training and exercises at home, it really works fantastic. It is a real motivation every day and helps me not to lose my connection or level to the 10 or 20 years younger trainings partners in mma or Krav Maga. Thank you