“I’ve had the opportunity to observe Mark Lauren's training program in action. He was responsible for training my Special Operations troops to prepare them for the most intense combat operations. The progress was phenomenal. He took the best of the best, most of them former athletes, and made them stronger and leaner than they'd ever been. Best of all, they can use Mark’s program anywhere, for the rest of their lives.” — Geoffrey McClendon, Lt. Colonel
Mark Lauren is an international bestselling fitness author who has effectively prepared over 700 trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the U.S. Special Operations community. After winning several teen bodybuilding titles, Mark started his military career by being one of twelve to graduate the Pararescue/Combat Control Indoctrination Course, in a class that started over 100 trainees. As an experienced operator, during mission planning and execution of airfield seizures, combat search & rescue, close air support, and reconnaissance & surveillance missions, he trained troops capable of immediate deployment into areas of forward combat operation by military free-fall, static-line, all-terrain vehicles, overland, scuba, and other amphibious means.

Mark was hand-picked by the Advanced Skills Training Commander to ensure commissioned Special Tactics candidates remained physically able to "lead from the front" throughout the trying two years of training.

As their physical training instructor, he enabled highly productive training to take place despite space, time, and equipment restrictions, and completely restructured training programs, resulting in a 40% reduction of student injuries and failures. Mark personally tailored physical training programs and diets to suit the individual needs of candidates and monitored their progress, as well as totally revamping the courses' physical training programs.

Leading by example has always been Mark's credo, and for this and his physical prowess he was often chosen to lead officers through all physical training events during the extremely rigorous Special Tactics Officer (STO) Selection course, which he did at a punishing pace. Lauren's active duty and civilian employment has taken him all around the world to teach, including Iraq and Afghanistan. During the three years following his military service, Mark Lauren spent much of his free time training at various Muay Thai gyms throughout Thailand. After training abroad a total of 7 months, Mark managed to capture the FL IKF Middle Weight Championship and a professional belt in Phuket, Thailand. Lauren broke, and still holds, the Pararescue/Combat Control Indoctrination Course's long standing "underwater record" by swimming 133 meters, on one breath, subsurface, for 2 minutes and 23 seconds, until losing consciousness.