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You Are Your Own Gym

You Are Your Own Gym

Using nothing but your own body, elite Special Operations trainer Mark Lauren has created short, incredibly convenient workouts that simultaneously build strength and endurance while giving you a lasting fat burning boost!

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Plank Challenge
How long can you hold a plank? Do any variation. Post your time below. Ready? Begin! Starting Position (on forearms) Lie Down on your stomach then prop yourself up on your elbows, bent at 9
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“ Everyone marvels at my body’s changes- nearly 50 pounds lighter and a six pack! No driving to the gym or gimmick diets, just focused workouts I can do anywh”
- Brandon Frame
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Bodyweight training | Best Bodyweight Trainer | Best Bodyweight Exercise Training Programs | Mark Lauren's Home Bodyweight Training Exercises

Bodyweight training - Who needs to hit the gym when they simply can work out in their living room. You do not have to complicate the things to attain a good body. You can simply just choose normal bodyweight exercises and you are done with getting a nice body. There are unlimited reasons of doing body weight training. If you are afraid of the expenses of the machines then there is nothing to worry about because bodyweight training is quite equipment free. This is the best advantage of the bodyweight training. There are so many exercises in the bodyweight program that can make you look good in minimum days possible. Bodyweight Training become boon for those who don't want to hit hard weights at gyms. So if you want to be physically fit then these training helps you to achieve your goals.

Mark Lauren is known all over world for its bodyweight training programs. He has experience in training top people of United states. These things make him best bodyweight trainer of the world. We provide you best and suitable bodyweight exercise programs which you can practice everyday at your home.

Reasons to do bodyweight training

Who doesn’t want a cool body nowadays? Everyone right especially youth is very obsessed with the fitness and getting a cool body. It double up your look and makes you strong also which is a benefit to you. You do not have even one reason to not do bodyweight training. This is so beneficial that one cannot just simply deny it. Everyone can simply do it without making extra efforts. There are other unlimited reasons too to do bodyweight training. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  1. You can do bodyweight training anywhere. It is not important that you will have to go the gym to do work out.
  2. There is no such need of the specific equipments for doing bodyweight training.
  3. It is the most efficient workout which requires no extra efforts.
  4. You will gain strength
  5. Body weight training helps you to gain flexibility.
  6. You will have no excuse or reason to not work out because you can do it in your own living room.
  7. The results will be super awesome so you will not get bored.
  8. Bodyweight training is absolutely free.
  9. Body weight training also help you in saving your time and money.

Here is the overview of Mark Lauren's Bodyweight Training video

Types of Bodyweight Training Exercises Which Mark Lauren Provides

There are so many exercises of bodyweight training that you can do for attaining a better body and keep yourself fit. Every bodyweight trainer provide you training in which you can do exercises at home.  Everone body structure and type is different and depending upon the type of exercises one cannot do each and every exercise therefore bodyweight trainers are required to teach you the right exercise and help in getting perfect body.Some of them are listed below.

  1. Push ups
  2. Bodyweight squats
  3. pull ups
  4. Bulgarian split squats
  5. Ab roll outs
  6. 15 minutes of plank challenge.
Benefits of bodyweight training For You

There are a lot of benefits of bodyweight training. Body training is one of the simple, easy and effective type of training which does not even require any special kind of equipment which is the major advantage of doing it. One can simply afford it and do it anytime and anywhere. It will leave you with a body that you will not resist yourself to take a glance of yourself in the mirror everytime. There are so many reasons of doing it because of the benefits it provide.Bodyweight training is the most beneficial form of training. No such heavy equipments are required for doing it. Plus it can be done anywhere. Above mentioned were the basic exercises that are included in the bodyweight training but there are other many specific exercises for different parts of the body. Some of the benefits are as follow.

  1. It is absolutely free so you do not have to worry about the expenses of the equipments or the gym fees.
  2. It comes with lot of variations which is very beneficial for you.
  3. Real advantage of bodyweight training is that it can be done anywhere even in your house.
  4. It improves your movement
  5. It improves the strength.
  6. bodyweight training improves reactive strength.
  7. They are easy and challenging at the same time.

Types of bodyweight exercise programs Covered in Mark Lauren's Bodyweight Training

Now a day’s everyone has become obsessed with the idea of being fit. But going to the gym and to perspire sweat seems to be quite a daunting task. But there is nothing to worry about body weight exercises are the best method for those people who do not want to go to the gym. And also to those people who want fitness but cannot afford the equipments. Bodyweight trainers will first analyze your body type and then will tell you the right workout which can help in getting the perfect physique.

What are bodyweight exercise programs?

The first thing that must have came to your mind is what bodyweight exercise program is? Bodyweight exercises are the exercise that does not include the use of heavy equipments. They are an easy and effective way to increase the strength, flexibility, balance without using machinery. There are different types of exercise for different type of body structures depending upon the flexibiltyof the person that help you to attain the perfect body.

Types of bodyweight exercise program

There are so many bodyweight exercises to choose from for your choice of fitness. Because there are certain areas on which people want to work on. Such as boys want muscle strength, girls want to lose fat and look slim. So below listed are the type of Bodyweight exercise program.

  1. Overweight is a common problem in Americans. People want to lose fat but they do not actually want to work hard. So bodyweight exercises act as a blessing to them. There are the best bodyweight exercise for weight loss.
  2. Where on one hand overweight is a problem for many of the people underweight is the problem for the rest of them on the other hand. People do not shy to insult someone on their physical appearance. So there are the best bodyweight exercises for weight gain. Once you will gain weight you will become more confident about your body.
  3. Then there are bodyweight exercises for the mass.
  4. Those who only want to work on their certain parts like shoulder for them there are bodyweight exercises for shoulder are available.
  5. Boys wants bicep. There would be very rare chances of boys that do not like making biceps. So there are exercises to make perfect biceps.
  6. Fitness conscious people really need these kinds of exercise. Strength is one important part of fitness. There are many exercises that can help you to be fit and to gain a lot of strength and that too without using heavy machinery.
  7. Fitness or bodyweight exercise for beginners could turn into a tough task. It may take time for them to adapt the routine and schedule. So there are certain bodyweight exercise that can help beginners to learn fast.
  8. Chest is an important body part to build if you are into body fitness program. There are many exercises by which you can build up your chest.
  9. Many people want to be fit but use of expensive machinery stops them from doing it. But bodyweight exercises help them to be fit without using any type of equipment.

Why you should do bodyweight exercise or join Bodyweight exercise Programs?

There are many reasons on why you should do bodyweight exercise and what are the various advantages of doing it. Below mentioned are the reasons on why you should be doing bodyweight exercises.Body weight exercise programs are extremely beneficial who loves the idea of fitness. Fitness is a broad term. Fitness has so many benefits such as it keeps you alive and happy for the lifetime. Body weight exercise are very easy they just need to be done in a proper manner.If bodyweight exercises are done regularly they will show the amazing results. They are most effective kind of exercise which can be done by almost everyone to be fit. So go ahead people get yourself a fit lifestyle.

  1. Body weight exercise programs are absolutely free.
  2. Anyone can do them anywhere even in their houses.
  3. They are very easy to do.
  4. They increases strength, confidence in a person.
  5. body weight exercise program increases the versatility in a person.
  6. If in certain exercises equipments are used so they do not cost much. Anyone can easily afford them

Bodyweight training can be done by anyone at anytime and anywhere this is the main advantage of it. You have to go the expensive gyms to get a good body you can just simply select the exercise and do it in your living room. Anyone can attain a perfect body regardless of the gender.There are different exercises for men and women as men and women both have different body structure and type. Therefore, to get a good body everyone should go for bodyweight exercises. Mark Lauren is the elite bodyweight trainer who has trained 700 trainees for the extreme physical demands in US special operation community. If you want to train yourself to achieve best physical strenght then Mark Lauren Bodyweight training should be your one stop solution. You can download best bodyweight training videos provided by Mark Lauren from YouTube or you can directly purchase fitness videos from our site.